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We're a multifaceted bunch - thanks to our clients' diversity.
"But what does that mean?" you might ask. Read On.
Case study: Film & TV

Our long history gives us a huge breadth and depth of experience in implementing the biggest feature films and TV dramas on location, in the real world.

Case study: Community Benefits

By “Beyond Film”, we mean that which delivers experiences and engagement outside of the actual film shoot and it’s financial incentives.

Case study: Placemaking

"Empty", "desolate" spaces have their appeal for certain productions, but if you’re a land owner wanting to turn your property into a high footfall, go-to destination, such words are anathema to your goals.

Case study: Events

Vast circus style tents, numerous concessions stands, food stalls and promo booths - our events showcase how we make our locations the destination for a global audience and just what our network is capable of producing.

Case study: Meanwhile Use

Creativity takes many forms: the bigger the destination, the bigger the creative ambition. And while we encourage creativity, our emphasis is always on correct management, so that you end up with hassle-free social content without lifting a finger.

Case study: Public Activations

Long gone are the days where a brand name alone was enough to win customers. In today’s world of social media and Influencers, relationship building in ever more dynamic ways between products and their buyers has become a necessity.

Case study: Brand Engagement

Connecting local communities with global brands is second nature to us. Major labels use us to connect them to local groups such as schools and colleges or housing associations and clubs. We bridge the gap between the big and the small.

Case study: PR & Launch Activations

Utilising our disused concrete playgrounds in East London's Silvertown we helped Quibi produce their triple-A content for the launch of their revolutionary take on how we consume our visual media.

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