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Our event management services have grown from strength to strength over the years. From our roots, providing locations for 25-50 people for small corporate get-togethers, we now play host to the Big Tent Ideas Festival, corporate summer parties, brand engagement activations, Holy Colour Runs and let’s not forget, the world’s largest recruitment fair, where over 3,500 people come together to knowledge share on their industry at London’s Mudchute Park and Farm.

With vast circus style tents, numerous concessions stands, food stalls and promo booths, RecFest sets a standard for the type of events we drive to our large scale private property owners.

It’s these types of activities which property owners wanting to create a culture or drive footfall to the properties should want to have a their destinations. We take care of everything, from the health and safety and insurance aspects through to risk assessments, licencing and negotiating the fair value for the given activity.

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And here are some of our favourite shots from Dishoom’s Holy Festival:


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