Placemaking: driving footfall to your spaces

“Empty”, “desolate” spaces have their appeal for certain productions, but if you’re a land owner wanting to turn your property into a high footfall, go-to destination, such words are anathema to your goals.

That’s where we step in.

Photo Credit: Joe Pepler.

Known throughout the creative world as enablers of property for creative purposes, we bring your spaces to life, introducing an infinite array of creative activations to encourage visitors to come and experience your destination.

From stunt-driving to underwater diving , the enquiries we receive are always novel, imaginative and always excite.

Take London’s Royal Docks – a unique historic water space (250 acres of water) and riverside industrial district in East London. It’s a destination, widely known for the Excel Centre and it’s exhibitions, but otherwise not established as a cultural quarter for people to visit.

Photo: The Film Office

With our 25+ years of industry knowledge, connections and reputation for enabling even the most complex of creative works on location, Keam George Agency came to us to find their destination for their Huawei product launch and we matched them up with the Docks.

The ensuing product launch for the “Watch GT 2” led to queues of locals and far away visitors to don wet suits and dive in off the walkways, to claim their free underwater prize of a brand-new Huawei watch.

Photo Credit: Joe Pepler.

Activations like this bring colour and life to your spaces, creating memories and culture for the people who live, work and visit your land.

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