Film & TV production management

Our long history gives us a huge breadth and depth of experience in implementing the biggest feature films and TV dramas on location, in the real world.

When productions are filming in London, we’re rarely not involved on some level and that’s thanks, not only to a vast selection of destination types, but more-over, due to our management expertise, network connections and online platforms. It’s a powerful mix.

Hollywood A-listers and the nations favourite TV programmes are a regular feature in the streets and locations we manage.

From Bond to Bollywood there
isn’t a production we can’t handle.

When Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw came knocking on our door to ask for street recommendations to blend skyscraper London with a typical residential street for their hypercars and movie starts to assemble in, we sourced their perfect destination.

The brief would involve a cast and crew of over 200 people and a collection of cranes and heavy goods vehicles to deliver monsoon-like rainfall and huge helium lighting balloons and dampeners. And all of this, to take place over a series of days and nights in the heart of the Capital.

The BBC’s TV Drama, Luther approached us to source what the industry term a ‘multi-site’ for the nation’s favourite DCI’s Police headquarters (a space where production offices, set build areas, storage, parking and filming spaces are all in one location), we were all hands on deck to deliver their desired destination in the heart of Bethnal Green, East London.


Similarly, Spiderman: Far from Home, needed a destination catering for multiple scenes for their action packed comic book adventure. Industrial complex of ours was the chosen site for multiple set-ups, high-octane stunts and key scenes for the movie – some areas even being cheated as being Germany – we love doubling our client’s locations for maximum usage!

This kind of action, especially in public locations, is only possible through implementing our established engagement & consultation practices which we have developed in partnerships with our stakeholders over 25 years.

Ensuring the local community are aware, involved and respected coupled with our belief that filming must be managed with minimal impact and maximum benefit results in long-term successful filming for all parties involved / our clients.

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