Public activations

It’s never been more important to bring your brand to life in the real world.

Long gone are the days where a brand name alone was enough to win customers. In today’s world of social media and Influencers, relationship building in ever more dynamic ways between products and their buyers has become a necessity.

Companies need genuinely engaging activations to capture
the imagination of their audience and we can help.

The Film Office play a crucial role in enabling land to accommodate the kaleidoscope of ideas which the world’s greatest creative minds come up with.

We’ve heard countless stories of productions elsewhere, having their creative goals dashed, simply due to their dream property suddenly becoming unavailable or the contacts at that property being ill equipped to deal with an enquiry.
The solution to this is in having us take care of the legwork involved in enabling a space for the creative world.

This involves not only relevant industry know-how, but also the marketing tools, booking platforms, administration systems and network to deliver on the promise that we make your land work for creatives.

Ford: Go Faster

One of our boldest adventures brought the car manufacturer Ford to one of our vast empty car parks.

It was here that we set up a fake movie lot, full of set builds, a trailer park and stunt driving course – all brought to life with actors and real world ticket holders taking part in filming their own movie trailer sequence for their keeping.

Effectively a 3 month hire, we engaged real world ticket holders on private land, implementing the correct health and safety legislation, all while liaising with the landowner on agreed activity, shared use of space and negotiating a fair deal for both parties.

The End Result

The nature of the movie trailer, with its “brag-worthy” content, prompted people to share on social media, opening up the reach of Go Faster to 2.4 billion people both on- and offline.

The movie experience opened up the brand to a new audience, with 60% of participants under 35 and 68% non-Ford owners.

The production was acclaimed by critics, winning a Campaign Event Award for Best Digital Experience of the Year and coming highly commended in the Creative Event of the Year.

You can watch the completed trailer for one of the participants below:

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