Meanwhile use: breathing life into dormant spaces

East London’s Silvertown is seen by many as the exciting future of London and is set to be re-imagined as a waterside destination to live, create, work and play through the development of over 7 million sqft of residential and commercial property.

Presently however, the site lies dormant waiting for the first phases of development to begin. The difficultly therefore posed to landowners and estate agents is in how to tell the story of these spaces to sell them to prospective buyers or encourage footfall to the area through short-term activities.

The Film Office delivers solutions to this issue by enabling creative activities on site to match our client’s aspirations.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we’ve a database service providers covering a multitude creative engagement activities – from artisan markets and concession stands through to public ticketed activations, viral marketing campaigns, community projects and production work from the biggest feature films and TV dramas.

It’s a compelling list of providers to bring colour to your spaces.

Our services give property owners marketing content, taken from the best of the creative work we connect locations to and use it to demonstrate the culture of the destination or borough.

Over the years, Millennium Mills has played host to a wide variety of activities, and we’ve included a couple below. Today the site is developing a hub ready for the installation of food stalls to compliment the activations on site and bring people to the area.

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