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Raines Foundation Lower School

Tower Hamlets | School | Ref: 13090

The Film Office is pleased to exclusively present Raine's Foundation Lower School which is currently empty and available for filming and photography enquires, production office hires short/long, set builds, holding areas and events up until summer 2019.

The school offers a multitude of classrooms, I.T rooms and design & technology workshops - perfect for all your filming needs. There is a large gymnasium area complete with old-school wooden climbing frames, table-tennis equipment and other physical education aparatus. This gymnasium also doubles up as an assembly / theatre area with a raised stage. Shower and changing room facilities are also available.

Outside, there are two large concrete ball game courts, one of which is caged, and a variety of benches and tables scattered on the outsides of the concrete areas.

The brick building oozes school vibes, and has an impressive reception entrance. If you are looking for a school location - look no further!