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Why register with Film Office?

We are the best at what we do.

Set up over 20 years ago, we are well established within the industry and have vast experience of working closely with productions from all screen industries. We know what it takes to manage a location for the benefit of all parties concerned: whether listed, industrial, or an operating resource, Film Office is experienced in managing them all.

Location filming should be an enjoyable, financially beneficial and stress free experience. We make sure that shoots are professionally managed and property owners look forward to welcoming back future shoots. Inclusion on our database is free.


What do Film Office do for property owners?

Film Office:

  • Negotiates the market rate for your property (given the type of production and all determining factors)
  • Provides comprehensive filming & photgraphy licenses
  • Ensures productions are adequately insured and further, cover all administration
  • Handles invoicing and fee collection
  • Ensures Health & Saftey proceedures for shoots are in place and adhered to 
  • Ensure properties are left as found by productions and returned to orginal state

In addition we can handle:

  • Site visits
  • Monitor the production during the shoot.
  • Cover overtime
  • Arrange security deposits


What can I earn?

Anything from the hundreds to the thousands:

It all depends on who takes an interest in your location and how long the production require at the property. The type of shoot, whether it be a low key documentary or a big budget feature film, will determine the kind of sum you could expect to earn from a film or photographic shoot but rest assured we will negotiate the best rate possible at all times.


Is it worth my time - would it be used?

The only limit to the use of any property is the imagination and requirements of each production - normally with the final decision being made by a producer or director. If your property fits a film maker's brief in terms of a script/location then it will be used so long as it is able to accomodate the logistics of the shoot.

Your property could be a hidden gem to one, or the last on the list to another. From the cramped to the vast or the decadent to the derelict, we use them all. As a creative Industry the boundaries have no limits.


Who works with Film Office?


We take calls from Photographers, TV producers, Location Managers, Film Producers and Overseas Producers to name a few.

Due to our status as being fully responsible for managing and permitting filming and photography in London's friendliest film boroughs, London's creative community will automatically be aware of our locations by proxy of opperating through our website and seeking film permissions.

Our site is fully searchable from all major search engines and offers the most simple search user interface of any location agency thanks to the latest technology operating in the background. All data is 100% secure and naturally we conform to 1998 data protection laws.



If a production is interested in your property we will contact you to discuss the project, in order to get the ball rolling and check availability. If in turn you are interested and are wanting to accomodate then the next step will be to arrange a production to visit your property to see it with their own eyes.

With over 20 years in the business we understand the complexities of filming and will help you avoid obvious problems.