Tower Hamlets Soaring to New Heights

We are in the midst of a Drone revolution, which is creating and transforming multiple industries - including but not limited to agriculture, architecture, emergency services, environmental conservation and the media.

In recent years, Drone filming has ''taken off' in London, with production companies eager to make use of the unique shots and eagle eye perspective drones offer. Tower Hamlets Film Office, managed by The Film Office has recently issued permissions for Adidas to use a Drone for their latest online content, capture images in Mile End Park and on streets around the East End. Additionally we facilitated a BT Commercial ("Moments") that launched a Drone from one of our Estates' Rooftops capturing shots of the rooftop and surrounding area from the skies. As with any shoot of this nature, ensuring adequate ground control measures, H&S requirements, consultation and adherence to industry T&Cs remain vital to permission being provided.


The Film Office Director Dominic Reeve-Tucker says "There has been recent changes to the Air Navigation Order, the CAA has future plans for further changes focusing on registration (planned to be in force circa November 2019) and the Department of Transport recently publishing their consultation 'Taking Flight: The Future of Drones in the UK'.

What remains constant is the increase in usage and requests across the capital. We ensure our clients support and welcome this exciting new piece of equipment being used by the industry, ensuring all latest legislation is adhered to at all times"

Contrary to popular belief, it is only the small minority of Drone pilots that take to the skies without the appropriate permits in place that give the industry a bad reputation. However, the CAA has been clamping down on the rogue pilots, paving the way for passionate operators who practice responsibly to make a name for themselves.

Aerial filming in London with a Drone, although poses its problems, is possible, but we urge all to keep abreast of changes taking place. With a number of successful projects under our belt, we look forward to the next highflying venture.

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