Tom Bateman & Olivia Cooke Step Back in Time in Tower Hamlets

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Despite adaptations being made no less than 4 times, it is now ITV's turn to interpret William Makepeace Thackeray's 1849 novel Vanity Fair into a lavish production. Set for release next year, the story follows Becky Sharp, who is raised in poverty but determined to make her way in society and climb the social ladder in search of wealth and love.

Early September saw Tom Bateman and Olivia Cooke come to Tower Hamlets to use the historic conservation area of Spitalfields as their cinematic backdrop. The period filming included road closures, horses & carriages and set dressing using an innovative vinyl ground cover.

Tower Hamlets Film Office is managed by The Film Office. Tower Hamlet's Film Officer, Ryan Green says: "The Locations Department of Mammoth Screen did a superb job of transforming Princelet Street into a scene from Thackeray's London circa 1805, while ensuring that the local residents' interests were kept to the fore.

This challenging task was months in the making and involved a considerable amount of consultation with all parties concerned, which led to a successful shoot and minimal disruption to this picturesque and historical street. No doubt 'Vanity Fair' will be a superb series to rival the best British period productions currently on offer.

We have established T&Cs in place to ensure filming remains sustainable in the area. The production made a donation to the resident groups that directly contributes to their important work in the local community - namely to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in Spitalfields and foster a greater sense of community."

The production's Location Manager Ben Mangham says: "As ever it has been a pleasure and indeed a privilege to return to Princelet and Wilkes Streets. Being able to film in such an important London period location has been made possible, because of the partnership forged between residents, Tower Hamlets Film Office and the visiting productions.

It goes to show that by following a few clear sensible guidelines, great filming and happy residents can coexist."

Filming will continue in and around London and elsewhere in the UK until early 2018. We are looking forward to their return visit in November this year. Tower Hamlets remains the second most filmed borough in the capital under The Film Office's management so we look forward keeping you up to date with what's being filmed in the borough. In the meantime see a few photos of the recent filming below:

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