The Nation's Favourite Christmas Advert brought to you by Film Office

The festive season is here and so are a merry host of heartwarming adverts. Christmas campaigns are considered one of the biggest advertising events of the year for retailers, the most popluar of which, according to today's Metro is the tear jerking, John Lewis' 2014 Christmas Advert, featuring Monty the penguin... featuring our very own Victoria Park.

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During one of the warmest and sunniest summers London has had for many years, we were approached by Location Manager Eddy Pearce on behalf of Blink Productions to film two of the scenes from the commercial. 

Shore Place Field in the west side of the park was transformed into a winter wonderland (with the use of some heavy duty fake snow) where a couple can be seen taking a romantic stroll. The other scene focusses on the lake area where Monty dives in for a quick dip, with trained ducks used as background artists (Can you believe there's such a thing as a stunt duck? Us neither...).


"Dougal, the director, had Victoria Park in mind for the lakeside scene right from the start of the job. It worked perfectly for that and also provided us with a great emergency back-up for part of one of the snow scenes when our original location was hit with a huge rainstorm on the shoot day. I have shot in Victoria Park a number of times over the years and it is definitely one of my "go to" locations when I need a classic and versatile park. Always a pleasure to shoot there."

Eddy Pearce - Location Manager - The Location Partnership

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Olwyn Hinds, Tower Hamlets Film Officer said "Victoria Park is hugely popular for filming and enables us to generate revenue to reinvest and improve the park for local residents and park users. Recently money generated from filming has been used to install CCTV cameras to increase the safety for members of public using the park".

The advert featuring a cover of the John Lennon song, "Real Love" by upcoming pop star Tom Odell is sure to be a festive favourite and we were happy to help facilitate the filming and showcase Victoria Park as a great location for filming and photography in the process.

Take a look at the advert here:

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