The Hobbit - Tower Hamlets' Very Own Wizard Drops in to Genesis Cinema: "Step Forward" Charity

The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey): the long awaited return of the cinematic prequel to what is widely considered the most epic and ambitious movie project ever undertaken, The Lord of The Rings.

The awe inspiring worlds of New Zealand's stunning, natural countryside's, mountain peaks and vibrant rurality return to our screens again this year, with more Tolkien inspired fantasy wonderland and action packed adventure. 

Sir -ian -mckellen -the -hobbit

There are many avid fans of the movies, books, games and quizzes out there all vying to eke out a little bit more from the franchise than the next. The movies are crammed full of interesting, famous and exceptionally talented artists, producers and special effect supremos.

So with this in mind and without further ado and wand waving, Tower Hamlets Film Office would like to draw your attention to Genesis Cinema's upcoming event, celebrating all things Hobbity, with the arrival of the boroughs very own wizard for a private Q&A function followed by a screening of the movie.

Come and join Sir Ian McKellen for two Q&A sessions preceding screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Friday December 21st.

Reprising his role as Gandalf in Peter Jackson's new film, Sir Ian will discuss his Middle Earth adventures with all attendees and answer your questions about his work in the films to date - all in aid of supporting his local charity Step Forward.

So book your tickets for Friday 21st December at Genesis Cinema, support you local charity, meet Sir Ian for a chat and watch one of 2012's biggest blockbusters.

Step -forward -sir -ian -mckellen