Summer Blockbusters - Alice, Legend, and more...

2013 saw Tower Hamlets rise to third busiest borough in the capital for filming days and 2014 has seen the trend continue with the borough growing from strength to strength. Under the management of The Film Office, accomodating the industries biggest productions is now second nature to Tower Hamlets. Here's a brief snap shot of a few productions which have filmed in the borough recently:

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Based on Lewis Caroll's 1872 novel of the same title, 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' sees James Bobin take over at the helm to direct Disney's sequel to Tim Burton's 2010 Hollywood blockbuster 'Alice in Wonderland'. With a star studded cast including Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway the production were looking for the perfect London street to turn back time to circa 1850 - enter The Film Office and enter Tower Hamlet's Fournier Street.

Spitalfields is a vibrant, busy and bustling area so feature films closing roads for period shoots is not a simple process. It was a pleasure to work with the location & production team who demostrated a professional and curteous approach throughout. The Film Office worked closely with the production, local residents and businesses to enable filming with proper planning, effective consultation and on-site management from start to finish - the end result was a successful days filming for all involved. Don't take our word for it:

''Dear Film Office,

Back in April you embraced our ambitious request to film in the street for Alice Through The Looking Glass. Without the help and guidance of The Film Office it would not have been possible. A big thank you to the team for a successful shoot in a tricky area.

I hope I can return in the future on another production! Keep up the good work!''

Many Thanks, James Grant (Location Manager)


Alice -Tt LG-Cart

Alice -Tt LG-Horse

Alice -Tt LG-Jib



Having provided the production offices for upcoming British crime thriller 'Legend' in Tower Hamlets, filming has recently finished with the borough taking centre stage. Written and directed by Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential, Mystic River) and produced by Working Title Films the forthcoming biopic sees Tom Hardy playing both the Kray twins backed up by a great cast including Emily Borwning and Christpoher Eccleston.

The Film Office has worked closely with the production throughout and across the borough, enabling filming to run smoothly throughout whilst creating community benefits such as on set work experience for local residents whilst filming took place on the Dorset Estate. Key to The Film Office's working ethos is that productions put back into the community and seek to create communtiy benefits of this ilk where possible - the production's productive approach was much appreciated in this instance.


Legend -Go

Legend -street

Legend -walk




What Else?

Directed by John Wells for Michelin Films and The Weinstein Company has seen Bradley Cooper cooking up a storm in the borough in their new feature film.

Guiness, LIDL, KFC & Soreen commericals have been making using of Tower Hamlet's fantastic diverse range of locations.

TV Dramas such as BBC's The Interceptor, Channel 5's new series of Suspects, Danny Boyle's Babylon, BBC's Call The Midwife 4, ITV's Mr Selfridge III and new productions Spotless & The Royals have been recent visitors to the borough.

Is the East End still the fashion capital of London? With recenet stills shoots for Italian Elle, Spanish Vogue, Ralph Lauren, Primark, New Look, Karen Millen & GQ...we still think so!!

Dynamo & Troy have been battling it out for the best magician performing in Tower Hamlets streets recently - we like 'em both!


That's it for now - hopefully we'll get to work with you soon - remember if you're looking for any locations check our location library or call one of the team to make it happen.

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