Shining White Knights...

UPDATE 11/09/2012: VIDEO NOW ONLINE! (click!)

Robbie Williams _No _1b

Our recent work on the latest Robbie William's music video is now complete.

We were given a very short time to turn around a list of stunts - which given the area, it's mix of city business, market traders, tourists and residents, would be a lot to ask even with adequate turn around time - but Dominic took up the reigns and managed the hefty request expertly.

After consulting with all affected parties, it was determined the short term inconvenience of the shoot would turn into long term benefits for the local economy as people came to visit the sights of Robbie's latest music video.

An average of 60,000 people pass through the Spitalfields Estate every week and for the local restaurants, retailers and markets, enabling this shoot encourages this figure and the local economy to grow. It's a key consideration in our work and given the fragile economic climate which still presides, lends an important arm in encoraging business to thrive in the area.

A media event of this calibre led to publications in the majoirty of newspapers and was followed by a stream of updates across all the major social networking sites: videos on Youtube; tweets on Twitter; and status updates on Facebook all encouraged recognition of the event and in turn a greater future footfall to the area.

As you can see from the images below, Tower Hamlets' Brushfield Street turned into the venue for falling piano's, burning men, car prangs, roof top falls and knights in shining armour.

Our sincere thanks go to the Spitalfields Estate, and all the local people who live and work in the area. Without their co-operation and acceptance that the temporary inconvenience is outweighed by the PR that is gleaned from such an event, allowing this project to go ahead would simply not be possible. Thank you.