Gritty short film Piranha needs your help.

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Piranha is a short film inspired by the 2011 England Riots, the on-going banking crisis and numerous press and political scandals that have erupted in the UK.

"In a city savaged by riots, the real criminals get away with it."

Directed and produced by promising filmmaker, Elcid Asaei at production label Crimson Black, the story weaves its way through the theme of systematic disorder in a society at the very edge of chaos.

The team behind Piranha hope the project will help stimulate a fresh approach in British filmmaking, and provoke debate on the wider social, political and economic problems that the film seeks to explore. In doing so, they are not seeking to simply condone rioters and condemn bankers, but to show an alternate viewpoint and create a healthy debate on the systematic issues that affect modern Britain.

Full of suspense, grit, poignant imagery, eye catching costumes and even better locations.

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Using the London cityscape for its extraordinary backgrounds, the film takes place in the financial headquarters of the city, and the inner-city alleyways of Cheshire Street and White Church Lane, both in Tower Hamlets.

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The project needs an injection of £1000 to help finish the post-production editing, grading, composition, and sound design, so If you would like donate to this worthwhile film and be part of the project please visit:

Through supporting this film project, you are supporting emerging and independent voices in the British Film Industry, as well as upholding the true values of British Cinema.

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