Mary Poppins Returns… to film in Tower Hamlets


The Film Office are delighted to have started 2017 off in a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious way, by being involved in the recently announced return of everyone's favourite nanny, Mary Poppins, and the filming of Mary Poppins Returns, scheduled for release on Christmas Day 2018.

Disney have finally managed to get all their ducks in a 'very orderly fashion' and, along with director Rob Marshall (Into the Woods& the film adaptation of Chicago), have cast Golden Globe Award winner, Emily Blunt as the no-nonsense nanny who is joined by her friend Jack, a new lamplighter character, played by Emmy, Grammy and Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda. Joining them are a highly acclaimed group of actors including Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury and Colin Firth, plus the 1964 film's male lead, Dick van Dyke.

With the film set in depression-hit 1930's London, the Film Office were delighted to have been able to guide the directorial team to locations such as Blossom Street and Fleur de Lis Street, in the Borough of Tower Hamlets which, with their Victorian town houses and cobbled alley ways, provide the perfect backdrop and evoke both the period and visual link with the original film. The scens shot will help form part of the opening sequences for the film.

Tower Hamlets Film Officer Olwyn Hinds says:

"We were delighted to facilitate the filming in Tower Hamlets especially given the inconic nature and personal affiliation people have for the orginal. We work closely with local residents, businesses and organisations to manage filming so that it causes the minimal distrubance to daily lives and enables benefits to be created for the local community and borough at large.

"We worked closely with the production to manage all aspects which resulted in a successful shoot for all parties including securing on set work experience for two students from Four Corners - a local learning, production and exhibition centre for film and photography which supports new talent to establish practitioners, enabling work that challenges and inspires. The students joined the locations team and gained first hand experience about the various roles and aspects of the locations department. Additionally we obtained donations for the local resident groups that helped contribute to their important work in the local community."

With Peter Boisseau, Film Liasion contact for The Spitalfields Community Group & Spitalfields Society adding:

"With over 400 members collectively, The Spitalfields Community Group and Spitalfields Society aim to promote and protect the quality of life of people living and working in the ward of Spitalfields. To this end, our close liaison with the Tower Hamlets Film Office is essential in ensuring that disruption from filming is kept to a minimum. The donations we receive from filming help contribute to our work in maintaining those aims."


The story is based around the now grown-up children, Jane and Michael Banks and Michael's three children, who are visited by Mary Poppins following a tragedy in the family, which leaves them downcast and dis-spirited and see's Mary Poppins inject her magic to enable the family to rediscover the joy missing in their lives.

"I am truly humbled and honoured to be asked by Disney to bring P.L.Travers' further adventures to the screen. The iconic original film means so much to me personally, and I look forward to creating an original movie that can bring Mary Poppins, and her message that childlike wonder can be found in even the most challenging of times, to a whole new generation", says Marshall.

We are thrilled to enable filming to take place and are sure that the authenticity found in Tower Hamlets will provide a backdrop to the film which is 'practically perfect in every way'…