Love is in the air at Film Office!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, our thoughts have turned to all things heart shaped and it seems we are not the only ones. There has been a definite theme emerging this month for filming in our boroughs, and if you are still deciding on what to do for the Big V, Film Office have some suggestions for you. So crack out the champers, dust off that Barry White CD, and let the loving feeling wash over you.

To celebrate, Rio Cinema in Dalston is presenting a special Valentine's Day screening of TRUE ROMANCE. After HAROLD AND MAUDE last year, meet this year's star-crossed lovers, Clarence and Alabama. Starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquett, this outrageous, funny and of course romantic road movie could only have been written by the always entertaining Quentin Tarantino. Along for the ride are Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman and Val Kilmer as the ghost of Elvis!TRUE ROMANCE is a love story for today and forever.

The screening starts at 6pm on the 14th February so bring a date or if you are single maybe you will find your 'True Romance' at the Rio this year!

 True -Romance -Film -Office

Other events in our boroughs include:

Lambeth - British Film Institute is screening the Oscar-winning adaptation of Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy - A Place In The Sun. One of postwar Hollywood's most affecting love stories starring Motgommery Cliff and Elizabeth Taylor.

Islington - Islington Assembly Hall is hosting an evening with singer Betty Wright. Legendary on the Miami music scene during  the 70's & 80's, she is still going strong, entertaining the masses and setting hearts a flutter.

Tower Hamlets - For something different you could try PASSAGE at a former hydraulics station in Tower Hamlets. An impressive immersive installation that sees the Boiler House of this amazing building converted into a seedy cinema - desolate, cold, bleak to show a tightly constructed thriller, marrying stills and moving image together.

Film Office has also been getting in on the action, well, so to speak. We have been busy facilitating the filming of's new advert and also exciting new drama DATES which have both been filming in and around Islington and Tower Hamlets throughout January.