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- "Legend" Promotional mural on the corner of Hanbury Street and Brick Lane.

On the 9th September the re-awakening of east London's notorious gangster past comes to life and to your local cinema in the form of Brian Helgeland's "Legend" (LA Confidential, Mystic River), produced by Working Title Films. The forthcoming biopic takes over from the Kemp twins' admirable performance in 1990's "The Krays" in portraying both Ronnie and Reggie Kray - with Tom Hardy's scintillating one-man performance characterising both twins. Backed up by a fantastic cast including Emily Browning and Christopher Eccleston, the audience is treated to an engaging, nerve jangling, tension gripped script, beautfiul cinematography and the finest locations the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has to offer.

First and foremost in any work we do comes our support for our local community residents and businesses across both the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and also Newham and our commitment to ensuring their welfare while addressing any concerns anyone may have from any given filming proposal. Requests from production companies can be demanding and put stress on the local environment within which it is taking place. We pride ourselves on seeking to support our community first and then we look to enable a filming request.

Our established lines of communication and methods of incorporating interested local people into film productions go a long way to ensuring the visiting production put back into the community they embrace for their work. Benefits to local people included on set work experience and first hand exposure to the runnings of film production work taking place on their doorstep during filming on the Dorset Estate for example - and the production's collaborative approach was of course very much appreciated as well.

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"‚ÄčIt was a pleasure having Legend film in Tower Hamlets last summer and we accommodated the production at multiple locations across the borough."

"Shoots ranged from simple walk and talk scenes to more complex night shoots with multiple road closures.
The safety and welfare of our local residents and businesses is our fundamental priority and as a matter of course we insist on thorough consultation and where possible encourage productions to 'put back' into the local community; whether this be by offering work experience or other other types of knowledge based sharing activities"

"The last day of filming took place in Bethnal Green, where three streets were taken back in time to 1960's London. A busy market, period cars and authentic wall art/mural were all dressed in, with many local residents getting involved by having the front of their houses and shops transformed to reflect the era.
I cannot wait to see the results on the big screen."

- Tower Hamlets Film Officer, Olwyn Hinds.

The Location Manager is a vital part of any production to ensure all plans run smoothly, locations are found and secured for use, permits are obtained from The Film Office and the emergency services, and all logistics are coordinated. For 'Legend', we collaborated with Pat Karam (Les Mis√©rables, Snatch, 28 Days Later) assisting him to acheive all of the above and he had this to say about filming with us in the borough:

"Now that "Legend" is finally finished, I would just like to take this opportunity to drop you a line thanking you for all your help and hard work on the film."

"Period films are always difficult and the fact that this film was set in 1960's Tower Hamlets always meant we were going to be doing a lot on your patch. We undoubtedly filmed in some tricky locations and threw night shoots into the mix as well and are very grateful to you for all your positive co-operation with these difficult areas. We were a big impact on the borough and we are very grateful to you for your help getting us through it all."

"It was this enthusiasm and willingness to consider difficult and quite large set pieces that helped make it a trouble free film."

- Pat Karam, Location Manager, "Legend"


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