The Film Office kicks off 2014 with a bang with Kiefer Sutherland and 24: Live Another Day!


24 Live Another Day Trailer

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Oh, and if you thought the Seahawks won the Super Bowl... he's the proof it was actually The Film Office with Jack Bauer!

Forbes: 24 Live Another Day 'wins' the Super Bowl!


The Film Office & 24: Live Another Day

We were as excited as everyone when Fox Network announced that London would be the setting for the new series of 24: Live Another Day - a 12 episode, limited-run series featuring the return of Jack Bauer.

With this news, one of the most popular and explosive series on television is back: this time with London as the setting and Kiefer Sutherland at the helm - its sure to be a corker!

The Film Office

When The Film Office was approached by the production team (charged with filming the promo/trailer in London for the new series in time for Super Bowl 2014) we wasted no time providing workable options in our client borough of Tower Hamlets.

Requirements included explosive action scenes, road closures, liaison with residents and businesses all with a short lead time and high expectations. We worked closely with the production in facilitating the filming on all fronts.

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High-end TV Filming

High-end TV filming of this nature requires professional management from the crew and The Film Office and it was a pleasure working with the production team ensuring filming took place in a safe and controlled manner.

The Film Office ensured filming was enabled through correct planning, effective consultation and on-site management from start to finish - with the end result proving a huge success for everyone involved.

It's a promising start to welcoming a major and successful series to our great city and paves the way for 24 to embrace the work The Film Office and Tower Hamlets do to provide productions with safe and reliable services in 2014.

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What they say

Don't take our word for it, here's a little feedback from the production:

"Dear Film Office,

"We could not have done it without you! A huge, huge thank you to both you and your team for the huge support you gave to us with the filming of 24: Live Another Day promo. When we were first approached to film this, I seriously worried about the time we had to make it happen.

"I had pre-warned our clients that they might be able to get a view of London, but would probably not be the one they had imagined when scripting their creative. I had warned them that locations would be limited due to the turn around time this project demanded.

"I am delighted that we managed to shoot their ideal location, our clients from both the production company in the US and Fox are deeply impressed that we were able to put it all together in record time. This is all down to you.

"All the very best and thank you.


                  - Kate Arton - Head of Production/Producer
                  GENERATOR FILMS


"To All the team at The Film Office,

"I cant believe we pulled this off - a major coup for London Film Making. Last minute road closures with post explosion special effects would send many people running. However the support of your team helped to keep this adrenaline fueled shoot possible. Your efficiency and care are greatly appreciated.

"A location mangers dream,

"All the best"

                   - Yael Mindel - Location Manager

Super Bowl 2014

The Film Office ensured Tower Hamlets was not only the first London borough to welcome filming of the new series in London, but also receives exposure in one of the most watched annual sporting events in the world: Super Bowl 2014!

Thank You!

A BIG THANK YOU from all of us to all those who helped make this happen.

We've a selection of photos to show below, take a look and get in touch with London's leading film services provider, to find out how we can help with your filming.

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Kiefer -Sutherland -24-live -another -day -cobb -street (1)

Kiefer -Sutherland -24-live -another -day -cobb -street (2)

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We look forward to working with you all very soon


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