Jonny Walker Commercial - England and Italy's finest at work

Johnnie Walker Commercial with Rik Sheriff


Location manager Rik Sheriff set about facilitating his shoot at Wilton's Music Hall and many Tower Hamlets roads and exteriors for filming on the latest Johnnie Walker commercial.

For this, the Tower Hamlets Film Office provided a range of licences and services - including crane licences, parking permits, unit basing and engaging the local youth centre for rehearsal / holding areas and moreā€¦

Keep your eyes out for the shoot, it's doesn't hold any punches, through the aquisition of much loved English and Italian A-listers to drive the brand forward.

The Tower Hamlets Film Office team delivered services to make the borough a real leader in London once again - fresh off the heels of the 24 Super Bowl Trailer - with top tier knowledge and efficiency ensuring their shoot was a great success.


What Rik had to say:

"Yet again Tower Hamlets Film Office have provided me with exceptional service.

The Film Office team who, apart from being consummate professionals, hardworking and good fun, gave me all the help I needed to ensure filming in Tower Hamlets was a success.

Right from the start they met with me on site, listened to my requirements, put me in touch with local contacts, took care of my technical vehicle parking, aided my traffic management needs, provided a rehearsal space (choice of 2!) next to the location and gave welcome support for all of my filming related questions throughout the shoot.

They made available the closest unit base possible after clearing their Tobacco Dock site of approximately 30 tones of fly-tipped rubbish, all the while providing reassurance to me of  a back up option if it wasn't shifted in time!

It is a real pleasure to work with them and I look forward to working on many more projects with The Film Office in the future."

Many thanks for all your help.

Rik Sheriff

Johnnie -Walker