Johnny Depp or Colin Firth? Chose your super hero...

2 A-list stars, 2 action comedy feature films, 1 common denominator - Tower Hamlets!

Mortdecai -poster  Kingsman -poster

Our client borough of Tower Hamlets has risen up to the 2nd busiest filmed borough in London in 2014 under our management so having A-list stars and feature films using our client's fantastic locations for filming is now second nature.

Johnny Depp (in action comedy 'Mordecai' directed by David Koepp) and Colin Firth (in spy action comedy 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' directed by Matthew Vaughn) both shot stunning action scenes involving car chases around Corbridge Crescent & The Oval.

Both recently released across cinemas nationwide so go see which takes your fancy - Lord Charlie Mordecai, Joahnny Depp's eccentric art dealer with a curly mustache or Harry Hart (a.k.a. Galahad), Colin Firth's umbrella swinging, classic gentleman spy.

Watch the trailers here for "Mortdecai" & "Kingsman: The Secret Service" and see some great shots of the borough's locations below:

Mortdecai -Johnny -Depp -The -Film -Office


Mortdecai -The -Film -Office