Youth Engagement in film with the latest Jake Bugg Music Video

Jake Bugg - Messed Up Kids

Jake -Bugg -Messed -Up -Kids

Continuing our seasless devotion to engaging Tower Hamlets young people in opportunities in the Film Industry, our latest placement came through the filming of Jake Bugg's latest music video.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity it was a great experience meeting one of the people i look up to in music the most, jake bugg even though it was a brief encounter and an exchange of me handing over his food, I was really happy to meet him!

As a runner, I helped with basically anything they asked me to do. I watched as they filmed take after take which was really fascinating - this opportunity has defiantly made me more interested in what happens behind the camera rather than what's in front of it.

I met some cool people and I'm so grateful for this opportunity!


John Parry - local TH resident.


Sonya Sier - Producer

"We had a fantastic time filming in Bow this week. The team were accommodating and very helpful. Dominic at The Film Office managed to pull together everything we needed in an exceptionally short space of time, I would not hesitate to work with The Film Office again, in fact if I need to shoot outside in London again they will be my first port of call. We also had a work experience placement for the day who was great, a proper part of the team.  I would definitely recommend that other production companies consider taking work experience people on. Bow residents are welcoming, interested and seemed really happy to have us in their area, the director Andrew Douglas had flown in from LA for the shoot and he and Jake Bugg the artist had a very successful day."

See photos of the day here

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Jake -Bugg -the -film -office -film -locations -crew


Jake -Bugg -the -film -office -film -locations -filming


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Jake -Bugg -the -film -office -film -locations -kids


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