Hollywood Comes to Tower Hamlets

It was a busy Summer last year when The Film Office welcomed true-story inspired feature films Suffragette and Legend to Tower Hamlets. Filming meant a visit from an A-list cast including Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter (Suffragette), and Tom Hardy, Emily Browning and Christopher Eccleston (Legend).


Period film, Suffragette, follows the foot soldiers of one of the earliest feminist movements in Britain in the late 19th and early 20th Century. It meant a step back in time for our locations and goodbye to modern commodities - satellite dishes were temporarily removed, yellow parking lines covered and buildings dressed to look as they would have over 100 years ago.

The Film Office helped on all aspects of the shoot, with filming taking place at multiple locations in Tower Hamlets including Arnold Circus and its wonderful restored bandstand; the glorious period architecture of the Boundary Estate; Princelet Street with its beautiful Georgian houses and additionally Wilton's Music Hall - the world's oldest surviving grand music hall.

Suffragette -Newsletter -Film -Location - 2

Suffragette -Newsletter -Film -Location


'Legend' sees Tom Hardy play opposite himself as the notorious Kray Twins, Ron and Reggie. The film tells the story of how the twins ruled and terrorized London in the 50's and 60's as leaders of the infamous gang 'The Firm', with a focus on Reggie's attempt to control the pyschotic behaviour of his younger twin.

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The Film Office worked closely with the production throughout and across the borough, enabling filming to run smoothly whilst creating community benefits, such as on set work experience for local residents whilst filming took place on the Dorset Estate. Key to The Film Office's working ethos is that productions put back into the community and seek to create community benefits of this ilk where possible - the production's productive approach was much appreciated in this instance.

Watch the trailers here for Suffragette and Legend - keep an eye out for an incredible cast and some great Tower Hamlets locations! 'Legend' is in cinemas September 11th and 'Suffragette' is in cinemas October 30th, and all of us at The Film Office are excited to finally see them on the big screen!

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