Hollywood comes to East London

The Adventures of Wonder Woman Returns!


With the highly anticipated return of Wonder Woman, The Film Office are excited to confirm that filming has finally commenced on this action packed female lead franchise. A star-studded affair, Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince herself, Chris Pine as Steven Trevor and Kristen Wiig is confirmed to play the villain Cheetah.

The Tower Hamlets Film Office , managed by The Film Office sourced and managed two locations in the Hackney Wick Area for scenes involving the hero actress. 

Filming predominately took place on Schwarz Wharf, with exterior scenes on the public highway directly outside, which included some light dressing to replicate 1980's America.

The production had a road closure in place so they could create a closed set around the movies stars and allow them to dress in their own action vehicles easily and with minimal disruption. 

Consultation was rigorous due to the amount of stakeholders affected in the immediate area, including The Olympic Park, TFL as well as local businesses.

Filming went extremely well on the day, with Unit Location Manager Tom Barnes concluding: 'From the first initial recce to the filming days, The Tower Hamlets Film Officers were very proactive and instrumental in making the filming days at Hackney Wick work. Their knowledge of the area was very important, and also what processes were needed to be achieved for the filming days to run smoothly. Any filming where both a different time period and country is being portrayed is always tricky, especially in a an area with multiple businesses and residents with a road closure. The Film Office worked with me during a detailed consultation process with the local area, and when there were some unexpected bumps and changes, the film office where always on hand to advice and work together on finding a solution.'



Move Along Batman, It's Time for Pennyworth


Based on the life and times of Alfred Pennyworth, an iconic fictional character who eventually finds himself serving as Batmans butler, the upcoming American drama television, due to air in 2019 stares Sean Pertwee, Ben Aldridge, Jack Bannon and Paloma Faith.

The shoot took place in the heart of Bethnal Green in a location that represented Pennnyworths primary residence. Amidst a variety of dramatic scenes was a car chase and arrival of vintage police and vehicles. Setting the scenes of swinging 1960's London involved multiple road closures, several streets of car clearance and removal of street furniture.

Local residents agreed to have their properties dressed for the era and the local school were very amiable in accommodating the production during school hours.

The production spent weeks on location prior to their film date making sure all parties in the area were up to date on the schedule, locations for alternative parking, closures etc.

A donation to a local charity of the residents choice was made and solid ground work all round led to a successful shoot in a highly residential area.

'It was wonderful seeing the production turn part of the Globe Road Conservation Area back to the 1980's to be used as the exteriors of Pennyworth's House. Due to the nature of this size of production especially in a residential area, it was challenging to manage the requirements of the production whilst also ensuring the interests of the local community were kept at the forefront. This shoot was very involved with a school operating in the middle of the filming area, removal of street furniture requested and a large amount of parking suspensions (in an area where parking is already at a premium). As this area is potentially a repeat location, it was essential that special measures were put in place in order for this to remain a sustainable location where not only this production can return to, but other productions after them too. We worked closely with the production and the local community to ensure the shoot ran smoothly for all parties involved. A great level of consultation and dedication is key and paramount to a successful shoot of this nature.' (Megan Mills - Tower Hamlets Film Officer) 

Pennyworth 1

Pennyworth 2