Good People



Cash in the Attic?

Earlier this month, 'Good People' (due in cinema's 2014), starring James Franco, Kate Hudson and Omar Sy shot scenes for their latest feature film in the beautiful surroundings of Victoria Park.

Directed by Henrik Genz (The Killing), who is making his English language debut, the contemporary thriller produced by Millenium Films, revolves around a heist about a couple who discover cash in their dead tenants apartment and find themselves the target of a deadly adversary - the thief who stole it.

Film Office worked closely with the production and location team to ensure that through thorough planning and effective consultation, all filming took place as planned. A number of requirements such as road closures, traffic control and 'fake' gun-fire, to name but a few, were all effectively enabled, resulting in a cast and crew of 200 happy campers.

Victoria Park acted as a wonderful back drop for scenes of a sting operation gone wrong, and local residents and children gathered eagerly to watch the two protagonists running speedily through the West side of the park, next to the lake.

Jason Wheeler, supervising location manager for 'Good People' had this to say.

"Dominic and Film Office provided invaluable support for our filming in Tower Hamlets. Making films on location is always challenging - Dominic and his team understand these challenges and worked tirelessly to help us achieve what we wanted, diligently balancing and navigating the interests of the borough, its residents and businesses with a professional and pro-active approach to film-making. Working with them is a pleasure - you know you are in good hands and will get all the support you need. Because they have sound local knowledge and a thorough understanding of the borough which they built up over many years, they are the perfect partner when bringing filming to an area and that provides great comfort and re-assurance to the Location Managers and Producers on any film. I very much look forward to working with them again in the future."

Victoria Park has enjoyed a plethora of activity in recent weeks, including the almighty Field Day and Love Box festivals as well as stills shoots for Vogue Italia, commercials for Samsung and the odd music video or two.