Fast and Furious 6: Photos from Tower Hamlets

With Fast & Furious Six (Fast 6) having rocketed past the $500m dollar mark at the worldwide box office - Universal's fastest grossing film - we thought we'd share some photos of the filming we set up in Tower Hamlets.

In conjunction with Film Office, Canary Wharf Estate, local residents and businesses, F&F6 were able to pull off their shoot to film interpol looking to capture the infamous "Bad guys".

Even with 100 of the global police's best men on hand to capture the ne'er-do-wells, there were bungles aplenty, leading to one almighty car chase in and around the docklands.

You can but try to catch these wicked men and women with traditional methods, in reality, you need fast cars and glamourous girls.... Better luck next time Interpol.

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