Dancing On The Edge

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Get those jazz hands at the ready in preparation for Stephen Poliakoffs high anticipated new drama, Dancing On The Edge.

Set in the 1930's and containing an all star cast including Angel Coulby, John Goodman, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Janet Montgomery and Anthony Head, it looks at London's high class society during this eventful decade through the eyes of black musicians, The Louis Lester Band.

"Yet while music plays a major role in Dancing on the Edge, it is only one part of a larger story. Like many of Poliakoff's dramas, it pulls together several themes, many of them relevant to Britain today: economic depression, immigration and a public obsession with celebrity ('even bigger than it is now,' he laughs). The story encompasses the early days of magazines, radio and photojournalism, and the attitudes and social conditions that eventually led to the appeasement of Adolf Hitler." (The Telegraph)

Full of intrigue, glamour, eye catching costumes and even better locations.

Extraordinary backdrops such as the Imperial Ballroom in Birmingham and Brick and Wood Hall in Whitechapel have been used to create sumptuous scenery, and we are happy to say that Film Office happily contributed to the production with exterior filming taking place on the streets of Tower Hamlets.

An ambitious five part series, the fist programme airs on Monday February 4th at 9.00PM on BBC 2.

Make sure not to miss this visual extravaganza.

Dancing On The Edge