The SKY's the limit!

The Tower Hamlets Film Office, managed by The Film Office, has enjoyed sourcing and managing locations for a variety of commercials over recent months and below are a list of our top picks.


We were approached to see if we had a controllable road with city-scapes in the background, for SKY's latest VIP campaign. Wentworth Street immediately sprung to mind, usually home to Petticoat Lane Market. It fitted the brief perfectly and by integrating local businesses into the shoot, and thorough community engagement, the shoot was a roaring success.


Part of the same campaign, but yet to be released, saw one of the nations most beloved comediennes enjoying a chilly dip in Victoria Parks iconic lake.

Renault Megane

Streets around the Columbia Road area were used in Renault Megane's latest advert, fronted by Football legend Thierry Henry.  Coinciding with the finals of the World Cup, football fans were filmed exuberantly lining the streets and filling the local pubs in celebration.

The Film Office ensured full consultation was carried out by the production and that community benefits were derived from filming, including donations to local resident groups, that will contribute directly to the important work they carry out in the area.



The most recent offering from O2 involved a night Shoot at Swedenbourg Gardens where cast members were shot gazing at the stars. This fantastic park is sandwiched between The Highway and Cable Street and is flanked by the looming towers of St Georges Estate, also managed by The Film Office.



Location Manager Ben Mcgregor who filmed a Specsavers commercial at Victoria Park earlier in the year had this to say about his experience.

"As a Commercials Location Manager, we are often hindered by quick turnarounds and I have always been impressed by The Film Office's ability to assist under pressure ensuring a positive result for all parties involved.

Their work ethic, friendly personality, and ability to communicate with both Crew and Park Staff always provides a well balanced platform, making for a suitable environment from which the filming can take place. 

Not only do they provide an excellent service but over the years I have personally forged positive relations with the team and I know that I can always count on them to assist to their fullest ability."

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We have enjoyed seeing the above ads on TV and online - hopefully you have too.