“Judy” biopic sees Renee Zellweger film ‘Somewhere Over Tower Hamlets’


The film, directed by Rupert Gould, stars Renee Zellweger taking centre stage as legendary performer Judy Garland. The film, set in 1968 London, centres around Garland's sell-out performances in the Talk of the Town nightclub near the end of the icon's long career and shortly before her death. Promising to be insightful and emotional it delves behind the scenes touching on her performances, battles with her management and relationships with musicians and fans alike. The cast includes Jessie Buckley ("War and Peace"), Finn Wittrock ("American Horror Story") and Michael Gambon ("Harry Potter").

Tower Hamlets Film Office, managed by The Film Office, was very excited to find the perfect double for London's 1968 Soho & Carnaby Street for important and emotive night filming scenes for the film.  The Artillery Passage, Parliament Court & Sandy's Row area of Spitalfields provided the perfect backdrop for filming.

Night filming in such a busy area is no easy task but our structured Night Filming Requirements resulted in all measures being put in place prior to reduce the impact of filming on the local area. We worked closely with the production, City of London film office and local residents & businesses to ensure a successful shoot for all parties. A special mention must be made to Location Manager Jason Wheeler and his team - their experience and professional approach was a key factor for the success of the shoot.

Emotional scenes involved Judy walking through the streets of Soho, calling home to speak to her children and stumbling upon a basement bar playing her song.


An important part of our management is to work with productions to create benefits for the local community. In this instance these included valuable on set work experience for a local resident and donations to local community groups that directly contribute to their important work in improving the quality of life of those who live and work in Spitalfields.

"Filming through the night for a period feature film in a busy, heavily residential central London area was always going to be a huge challenge - what we achieved in and around Artillery Passage Spitalfields would have been impossible without the support and hard work of the Team at Tower Hamlets Film Office. An intimate knowledge of the local area, its businesses and its residents is essential for any successful borough film office - what Tower Hamlets Film Office bring combines that with a wealth of experience and understanding of how to balance the best interests of the local community with the needs ambitions of a major film production. The result was a hugely successful shoot, stunning scenes and a supportive, happy community. Thank You Film Office once again." Jason Wheeler, Supervising Location Manager 'JUDY'

The Film Office Director Dominic Reeve-Tucker says "Our ability to double locations contributes to attracting major international feature films and high-end television to our client boroughs. Recent statistics reveal record-breaking inward investment figures for the city's screen industries and our management ensures that our client boroughs and their communities are in pole position to reap the benefits available on multiple levels.

Directly under our management, Tower Hamlets has risen to second most filmed borough in the capital and welcoming Feature Films and Hollywood A Listers has become second nature."