The Height of Fashion Comes to Stratford Shopping Centre

Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen; names you would normally associate with Stratford Shopping Centres bigger, and more expensive brother, "Westfield", dropped in for a fashion shoot for Pylot Magazine recently. Newham Film Office, managed by The Film Office facilitated the shoot, entitled "What Makes A Man?", which focused on men's bags of varying types and sizes. It strikes an interesting juxtaposition of high-end fashion against the mono chromatic visuals of Stratford Shopping Centre and its surrounding streets.


Jacob Hughes-Rodgers, the Film Officer on the job commented "Stratford Shopping Centre has become somewhat of a hotbed for filming recently from TV Quiz Shows to Features Films and the aforementioned fashion shoot. The location offers a traditional shopping centre right in the heart of Stratford. The Indoor Market running through the centre of it, offers a diverse selections of goods from a range of fruit and vegetables, seafoods and a mixture of popular items such a clothing, music and mobile accessories. Get in touch now to faciliate your shoot!"

Film -Location -Stratford _Shopping _Centre -5

Newham continues to see a dramatic rise in filming in the borough and we look forward to welcoming your shoot soon!

Follow the link here to view stills from the shoot.