Top 5 Film Locations: March

'Empty' is the theme for March's Top 5 locations, and is in no way inspired by the mood in London that the adverse weather is creating at the moment...honest!!Empty, disused and abandoned are always popular requests when it comes to film and photography settings, as the possibilities for variety on your shoots are usually endless. So bring a little sunshine into your day and read on.

White -pillar -gallery -wood -floor (3)_1

5) White Pillar Gallery.

Perfect for a clean, urban stills shoot, a variety of events or simple pieces to camera, this modern versatile space is set in a converted Victorian warehouse and offers two large gallery spaces at 2500 sq foot each that are a blank canvas to be dressed as you wish. Get in touch if you are interested in using this location or take a look at our locations library to view the other galleries and warehouses we offer.

 Tower _1

 4) Wasteland

Wasteland is exactly what is says on the tin. An unused area of land in Tower Hamlets with rust coloured gas containers as it's imposing sentinels. There is a real shabby, east end vibe here that can be monopolised for all manner of ventures, from high end fashion shoots to gritty TV drama's. Metal pipes, breeze blocks and exposed foundations help create the character of this sparse and derelict space. The site can also be used as a unit base.

Ashmount -School -film -location -main -building _1

3) Primary School.

Fantastic location in Islington, Primary School offers a totally empty and disused site for your use. The site comprises of a big open playground, split into tarmac football pitches, grassy knolls, herb gardens and play areas.

The main building is a classic 1960's square block concealed by mucky, faded windows. The rooftop has excellent views over local residential rooftops and the major London city skyline sites.

With plenty to offer including a variety of classrooms, stairwells, gymnasium, canteen, kitchen and a reception area, the building is in good condition and available now.

If this floats the proverbial boat, the team at Film Office are waiting to hear from you.

Interior _main _warehouse _metal _walkway _1

2) Derelict Warehouse, London.

Exclusively managed by Film office, Godson's Brewery is a derelict London warehouse made up of bare brick walls, metal stairs, broken walls, adjoining rooms, outside space and is situated next to the canal in the east end of the city. Derelict, urban, edgy and punctuated with street art in various forms, this unique location has played host to all manner of exciting projects. Take a look at the youtube! video on our website to get more of a flavour of the venue in all its glory.

Dimensions: H 12m; L 30m; W 8m

North -woolwich -old -station -exterior -film -location _1

1) Old Railway Station.

The Victorian property is built in the Italianate style and offers original stone flooring, yellow brick and embellished with classical external columns and stone dressings. Twin central doors open into a spacious booking hall.

The location has a tickets office, downstairs and upstairs wash rooms, stone floor foyer, peeling paintwork, a blown safe, old bedrooms and living rooms. Outside access can be granted to the station platform.

Film Office can arrange ample parking as well and can be used as a small unit base.

To get your production going full steam ahead, give us a call.