Top 5 Film Locations: January

In a month of post holiday blues, the obligatory New Year's resolutions and plummeting temperatures, here is something to cheer up all of you film and photography enthusiasts; The Film Office guide to Januarys pick of the best locations.

White -warehouse

Storing up the points at Number 5 is the White Studio Warehouse. This exciting location is not only vast but also incredibly adaptable. The main space is a massive 5100 square feet and can be used for a variety of events, or as gallery and prop store. There is also a green room, kitchen and outside seating and decking area offering spectacular views available. Urban, smart and functional, please see our locations library for more information.


Igniting a spark at Number 4 is the London Electricity Board building (LEB). Vacant, versatile and spanning 5 floors, this ever popular film location has been used for everything from big budget feature films through to small TV drama's. It offers open plan office space, reception areas, corridors a plenty, unit base facilities and even a betting shop. Let this fantastic location power your production.

Catacombs -graves -coffins -gothic -derelict -dusty -grimy -film -location

Creeping in at Number 3 are the hauntingly atmospheric Catacombs at West Norwood cemetery. Comprising of 6 corridors leading off from a main chamber, some containing decomposing coffins, others metal grates and hollows, this makes for an eerie and un-nerving underworld location. Morbidly fascinating, gothic and full of character this unusual space will leave you screaming with delight.


Coming in a close second is the sleek, stylish and modern Smart Family Home in Tower Hamlets. Part of a lovely Victorian terrace this exceptional period property boasts white walls, exposed brick, beautiful wooden flooring and original fireplaces, all finished to a very high spec. Bright, airy and current, if you are looking for residential harmony, look no further than this palatial treat. 

Art -deco -event -space -function -room -stage -lights -grand -staircase -balcony -film -location

Waltzing straight up the red carpet to the Top Spot is this fabulously decadent Art Deco Cinema in Tower Hamlets. A grade II listed building with personality beaming out of every crevice; you will be spoilt for choice on every front. This building is home to a colourful and expansive split-level grand hall as well as conference rooms and spill out area, ripe for accommodating a variety of events and filming. With the addition of a bar, kitchen and cloakroom there is real scope for any project. Original. Period. Exciting.

If you would like more information on the above locations, do get in touch with the FO team.