The Shard: FO visit and views from the top...

Film Office were among the many industry folk invited by The Guild of Location Managers to head up to the top of London's tallest tower this morning and take in London in it's winter glory. We were hoping to get blue, clear, frosty skies, but instead got a little too much frost for our liking - receiving  a dollop of snow instead.

This did nothing to deter the swathes of eager location managers, film officers, location owners and assorted others from scaling to the top and soaking in the view.

As you can see from the images below visibility was marginally hampered due to snow on the outside of the shard's viewing windows and heavy cloud, but regardless the sights on offer remain stunning.

Spot the land mark is what the view is all about: its fantastic to get a top down view of our beloved city, gather your bearings and find the next landmark that pops into your head.

It was also a really enjoyable way to catch up with all the industry bods and say hello from Level 72, at 244m high in the sky above town.

A great morning and a great way to catch up with one and all. Thank you to Jane Soans for organising the visit and many thanks to The Shard for having us along.


The Shard opens to the public on February 1st 2013. Find all details on their website for purchasing tickets and 'til then.... if you can bear the spoilers.... take a peek of the view from our quick snaps here!

The Daily Grind...

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Tower Bridge

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Snowed in

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Shattered Glass

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The snaking River Thames

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Canary Wharf and The Docklands

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The Vertigo inducing inside view...

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