Short film transforms high rise empty flat for filming!

Last week, we saw the impressive transformation of one of our empty flats at an estate in Tower Hamlets. The flat has not long been on the books and the production brought the opportunity to clean up and decorate the apartment for their short film.

The short film explores the emotional connection of a mother meeting a boy who has her son's heart. The production wanted to dress the flat making the space look like a lived in home, adding furniture and props to the interior of the location. The apartment was transfored in a single day of prep to fit the visiton the director held for their shoot.


Pjimage Copy

The team from the estate commented, "It was interesting to see how the flat was transformed for the shoot. We are open to film companies providing surface decoration to the flat, and it's always great to see spaces brought to life."

Emily the Film Officer also commented, "It's great when film companies utilitse these flats for filming. Not all short films have a substantial budget to use London Film Studios, so it's great to be able to provide a location that they can create their ideal location for the shoot."