Exciting goings on at Rio Cinema in March

It's all go at the Rio Cinema with not one but two exciting events in the pipe line this March. 

On Tuesday 5th March at 6PM, there will be a one off screening of Dick Fontaine's film about the extraordinary life of sax player Sonny Rollins ; SONNY ROLLINS BEYOND THE NOTES (12A)


40 years ago young filmmaker Dick Fontaine followed Rollins, perhaps the greatest jazz saxophonist in the world, up onto the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan during one of his legendary escapes from the perils of 'the jazz life'. Today, still resisting stereotype and compromise, and revered by a new generation of young musicians, Rollins continues his single-minded search for meaning in his music and his life. This full length version combines archive footage with the explosive energy of Sonny's 80th Birthday Concert, where legendary figures Roy Haynes, Jim Hall and Ornette Coleman join him to celebrate his journey so far.

Ticket Prices: £7.50/£6.00 Concs/£5.50 Under 15's


Also this month -

 NON Classical

NONCLASSICAL a 'Pioneers of Electronic Music' Double Bill takes place on Sunday 10 March 2013 at 1PM. 

The Pioneers of Electronic Music Double Bill will include short introductory talks before two exceptional cult films.

Founded by composer Gabriel Prokofiev in 2003, NONCLASSICAL is a club night, UK based record label, and possibly a new genre of music. The club night is currently held at the Macbeth in Hoxton, on the first Thursday of every month. On 10 March NONCLASSICAL's Pioneers of Electronic Music Festival comes to the Rio Cinema, Dalston.

Playing will be;

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951). A landmark sci-fi with Cold War metaphors running through it, and featuring one of composer Bernard Herrmann's most admired scores. Consisting of a number of short pieces and using two Theremins which take centre stage among a small eclectic ensemble of instruments, including organs, an electrically amplified violin and vibraphones, creating a futuristic, moody and unsettling backdrop for the movie.

FORBIDDEN PLANET (1955). An out of this world adaptation of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', with a pioneering,  all-electronic musical soundscape score devised by Louis and Bebe Barron which is as memorable as the amazing set design and special effects. Made up entirely of electronic tonalities generated by cybernetic circuits feeding back, the music for the movie was as unearthly as anything ever heard in a Hollywood soundtrack up to that time (and indeed for many years after), and captured perfectly the film's futuristic extraterrestrial setting and action. Despite their "unnatural" textures, the oscillations, pulses, beeps, wails, and electronic shrieks that make up this soundtrack are, indeed, very musical with distinctive patterns that evolve, shift, and change.

Ticket prices: £9.50/£7.50 Concs/£5.50 Under 15's

The Rio Cinema's Sunday Matinee Double Bills offer the opportunity to enjoy two great films for the price of one!

 To book tickets, visit or call Rio Cinema's box office on 0207 241 9410.

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