Nike proves that nothing beats a Londoner in Tower Hamlets & Newham!

Nike's release of 'Nothing beats a Londoner' heavily featured filming in Tower Hamlets and Newham at the end of 2017! The film celebrates the desired, firey and passionate competitive young Londoners who shape our city.

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Shot in Tower Hamlets and Newham the ad features 258 real young Londoners as well as cameos from sport and music stars including Skepta, Mo Farah, Harry Kane, Dina Asher-Smith and Gareth Southgate. 

Filmed at Old Market Square, Millennium Mills, and The Royal Docks, the two boroughs provided a great backdrop for the sporting commercial. Film Office were recently appointed to manage all filming and photography enquires at London Royal Docks working alongside Livett's Launches who manage filming on the water. The campaign went viral the day it launched, with the likes of London Mayor Sadiq Khan sharing it on social media. 

Location Manager Eugene Strange commented,"The Film Office were a great help when it came to gaining licenses and booking locations for this. The Newling Estate in Tower Hamlets provided the perfect atmosphere. The games cours on the estate gave us the graphic backdrop we were after. We used Millennium Mills in Newham for the urban golf scene and the iconic building looms large in the frame. We also filmed in the Royal Docks where our outdoor swimmer had to spend some bracing time swimming in the water, slaloming through the icebergs in mid December"

Film Officer Emily Gunn says, "It was great working with Nike on this exciting project, the locations in East London connected the community and reflected the high energy of our Londoners across the boroughs. It's great to see our locations used in this creative way in different sporting situations and scenarios to capture the feel of London through the local kids."

The Film Office worked closely with the housing officers of Tower Hamlets Homes and ensured a donation from Riff Raff Films to the Columbia Tenants and  Residents Association was secured in order to support their community work.

Have a look at the video here. We look forward to working with Nike in 2018 with more filming, photography and event projects at our clients' locations! 

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