New Feature Film starring Gary Oldman takes over Multi Storey Car Park for a month in Wapping!

New Feature Film takes over Multi Storey Car Park for a month! 

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The new London-set action thriller from Zackary Adler ("The Rise of the Krays"), 'The Courier' is a new feature staring Olga Kurylenko and Gary Oldman. The film took over one of our private multi storey car parks in February through to March for a month of action sequences for the movie.

The film's art department set dressed the car park, creating fake walls, painting it, building lifts and utilising the location's own architecture for filming.

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Emily the Film Officer on the job said, 'It was fantastic to offer the production such a vast amount of space for their shoot. The various levels gave them the opportunity to dress different locations for various scenes. The movie took to the car park so well that the location have actually kept some of the dressing after the filming for their continued use.'

Location Manager Martin Walker also commented, "We were very pleased The Film Office secured us Tobacco Dock car park with a very quick turn around. It was a very accommodating location which allowed us to do a number of tricky stunts on site."

We look forward to seeing the final release of the film and the car park featured in it.