Dizzee proves he’s no ‘rascal’ by including the community for his new music video in Poplar!

We recently had Dizzee Rascal filming his new music video for 'Don't Gas Me' in one of our private empty flats in Poplar. The flat was used as the artists main location and they decorated it for a full day of filming.

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When we here at The Film Office HQ heard about the opportunity, and knowing Dizzee grew up in Poplar, we connected our partners with the production to involve our community.

Thanks to our established, local connections, it was through Spotlight we were quickly able to arranged youth involvement in the shoot.

The Spotlight Centre (a modern community hub in Poplar, helping inspire local youth creativity)  holds sessions for teenagers specifically interested in grime music and video content: pairing these students with Dizzee's production provided a fantastic opportunity for them to experience, first hand, the production process and see Dizzee in action.

Spotlight and its group of students were ecstatic to be a part of the music video and their involvement gave them fantastic experience and delivered the production immedtiate, hassle free group of cast memebers. We hope the experience lasts long in the memory! 


Emily The Film Officer on the job commented, 'Spotlight were delighted when we approached them. We set up a meeting with Emma the manager where she explained their teengers would love to take up the opportunity to be part of the star's music video. They provided two hard working runners on the day of the shoot to help out with the filming and meet Dizzee at the location. Spotlight also provided 4 extra's to be part of the Music Video itself. The boys were included throughout the filming in the shoot and rapping in the background. Being aspiring grime artists themselves, they got to see how the industry worked while hanging out with Dizzee on set. It was a great thing to be a part of and I look forward to seeing the guys in the video!'

Mary from Lez Creative added, "The location was perfect for Dizzee being a local boy to the area. He knew the building and the Pie and Mash shop next door. The video is set in the era of early 2000s when he would have lived there. Everything hung together perfectly. All the styling of the actors was vintage urban wear. Even the vintage Mercedes is the same colour and model from a picture of Dizzee when he was a kid.



The Film Office are always delighted to give young, aspiring students a chance to involve themselves in filming or photography with productions, where possible, in the borough. It's great to bring the community together and give our location owners a chance to be part of the filming!

Jerry Ananga and Joshua Alfernik were two of the Spotlight Teen's as extra's in the video.

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