Boo Bods - Meet The Next Creative Generation.


Launching an exciting new website this week, Boo Bods is a fantastic new concept designed to encourage young people between the ages of 0-25 years to get involved in the creative industries.

Boo Bods provides a safe virtual space (no free commenting) to showcase members various work and creativity.  With the opportunity to share, show and sell their work in the form of videos, pictures or words, children can experiment freely and explore new skills, as they compare and contrast with others on line, and compete in monthly competitions which require inventive and imaginative thinking.

This month's competition, for example, focuses on all things 'gadgets', and the person with the most likes for their work will get the opportunity to meet and interview Jason Bradbury, presenter of the Gadget Show. As well as this Boo Bods creates unique, intimate opportunities to meet various industry professionals such as Danny Dyer (film actor), Ben Saunders (Arctic Explorer), Teun Hilte (Film Producer) and Geoff Gray(MD of Anomaly Advertising Agency) who will share their stories, inspire them with confidence and give them an honest and real insight into their industries, so our members know the reality of the worlds they dream about.

The website includes features for talent scouts, work experience, Master Classes (to be held in Hampton Court Palace), job opportunities and access to professional advice and the chance to upload CV's, tips on interview preparation and networking for the older members.

As many members have aspirations of entering the creative industries, the whole premis is to help them achieve this while equipping them with the tools to do so. The number one reason why people are not employed is because of a lack of work experience.  Boo Bods want to change this and has already set the wheels in motion.  Through Social Media pages, kids, all under 20, have been hired to entirely produce the online TV show 'Where's Boo @', and successfully matched Boo Bods kids to opportunities where they have interviewed, acted and reported in professional environments, such as on the set of 'OH TV' to be broadcast on Sky.

In fact our very own Mr Dominic Reeve Tucker, of Tower Hamlets Film Office fame, was interviewed by the awesome Boo Bods on the set of 'Mr Selfridge' and managed to remain 'relatively' calm while under interrogation! Follow the youtube link to see the whole interview.

So log on and show your support for the next generation of creatives and if you have any friends or family members who you feel would benefit from this program, do spread the word and point them in the Boo Bods direction.

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