Anna Friel opens new series of Marcella on Tower Hamlets Rooftop!

Marcella, the London-set crime drama returned to ITV last month for the second series! TV Detectives don't tend to be happy bunch but Tower Hamlets welcomed detective Backland back with open arms providing multiple locations for filming.


The series, from The Bridge creator Hans Rosenfeldt, left fans on a cliffhanger in series 1 so it was appropriate that the opening scenes of series 2 utilised one of our highest locations. Our private rooftop location in Tower Hamlets provided a dazzling vista of London's skyline that created the impressive backdrop to kick start the poplar programme off. The rooftop is located at one of our private estate's, Glamis Estate.

The production also closed off Dunbridge Street in Tower Hamlets for all action scenes involving police & emergency services responding to an incident - we don't want to be a plot spoiler! The scene aired on ITV last Monday and it's been great to see such a poplar crime thriller return to Tower Hamlets to utilise the full range of The Film Office's locations & services on offer. With Anna Friel confirming she has signed up for 2 more series we look forward to her return!

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The leading lady Ann Friel said about series 2: "I'm thrilled to be reprising the role of Marcella and want to thank ITV for recommissioning this powerful London-based noir drama. The reaction from everyone has been amazing, although the real question I keep being asked is whether the parka will be making an appearance in series two as well?".

Working with the location team including Idris Ahmed, Tom Mellish, Deborah Pritchard, Tom Mellish & Sam Pickering was a pleasure and their hard work really pays off on screen. Location Manager Idris Ahmed says:

"The Film Office were great in working with us for securing locations for the second series of Marcella. Their fast turn around and quick reponses in getting back to me about availabilty, costs and parking enquiries helped us a lot. Everyone in the team was responsive and their immense knowledge of their client boroughs helped us location the exact locations we needed. The residents were made aware of all the filming and the film shoots were a success. Look forward to working with them all in the future."

Film Officer Emily commented, "The rooftop at Glamis Estate provides a great backdrop for productions to capture the world above the city. It worked well for Marcella as the audience opened with a view of London's busy backdrop of the never sleeping city. I look forward to watching the rest of the series"

Make sure you watch on Monday nights at 9pm - we look forward to working with the drama noir in future.