A Royal Hospital Visit for The Royals Season IV

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The Royals has made a name for itself as E! Entertainment's first scripted show, and the highly anticipated fourth season is out later this year. E! Entertainment President Adam Stotsky has said in regards to this upcoming season, "We are excited to see what new scandals await our royal family, and how their dynamic evolves in season four".

Privileged Productions Limited worked alongside The Royals to film at the Medical and Community Centre for a sequence set in a children's hospital ward. One of the large rooms and the main entrance/reception area were dressed to resemble the ward, while one of the upstairs corridors remained as it was for a scene between two nurses. The Film Office's Private Locations Booker Erana McKinlay notes that the production "made fantastic use of this location's potential by convincingly transforming the centre into a hospital ward. They also used additional rooms at the location for production offices, equipment storage and a canteen to maximise efficiency."

The location coordinator working with Privileged Productions Limited was one who has worked with The Film Office multiple times before. Alessandro Garau says, "I enjoy working with The Film Office every time due to their friendly and helpful staff. We were in this location for over a week and The Film Office made sure everything ran as smoothly as possible".