Filming in London

The Film Office recognises the cultural and economic importance of the film industry to this country and makes location filming in London quick and easy.

Pressure on London streets from all who live, work and travel through has never been greater, so professional behaviour and a commitment to 'best industry practice' is essential.

Film London, along with all London Borough Film Offices (BFO's), established a protocol for filming called the 'Code of Practice' which includes your obligations under the law. These being known they can be taken into account at an early stage of planning and built into the schedule rather than added on, and we expect all film makers to adhere to the code.

Since these obligations are best practice currently applied by the Industry to minimise the effects of a film unit on location and to avoid problems arising, they will not inhibit film-making in any way.

Broadly speaking, everyone has the freedom to be on the public footway provided they do not:

  • obstruct the footway and maintain access at all times
  • obstruct others from going about their business
  • cause a disturbance or hazard

But you should always consult with The Film Office as soon as you know that you want to shoot. We can:

  • Issue you a notice of no objection for street filming and alert relevant departments in the local authority of your presence.
  • Advise you of other activities, events and sensitivities in the area so that your shooting is not jeopardised by them.
  • Co-ordinate with other shoots in the area.
  • Save you money and time by advising you of local parking and other facilities.
  • Help you avoid wasting effort on things that are untenable - we will help you find a credible way to achieve your requirements.
  • Failing to inform the relevant authorities can result in unnecessary Police resources being deployed. It can disrupt your filming and the local community.

Be aware that a filming licence is required to shoot in any estate, park, market or council building and location fees applicable.

For a breakdown of all charges simply see our charges section on the left hand side.