Scouting Services

Need help finding the perfect location for your production? Look no further!

Film Office Scouting Services offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to tap into and we are available for scouting in Tower Hamlets and across London.

Call us to discuss your project in more detail and get the industry to work on your side!

Finding the perfect venue, location or set in a convenient location for your production can be a time consuming and difficult process. By utilising our unmatched knowledge of Tower Hamlets and the industry - built up over 20 years through direct management of film, photography and event work in London - you will have immediate access to the best sites and knowledge available.

Our database of venues and sites is huge and helps avoid time spent on the ground looking for new locations.

We supply the best scouts in the industry:

Our Film Office Scouts are all very experienced in the work they do. This ensures we give you a quick turn around on your request - keeping your costs low and giving you the best possible service.

Call us for more information: 0207 2471244