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What is FilmHub? (

FilmHub is the most advanced Film and Photography application tool on the market. Think of it as an online workspace for the Film Industry to manage their workflow.  Designed to be used by any private or public body, FilmHub enables you to efficiently manage all aspects of your clients applications.

Users can easily apply, quickly from anywhere in the world with an internet connection via mobile, tablet and desktop PC. Applications are received for review, processing, invoicing and licensing in seconds with all information collated and sent out to all relevant parties at the click of a button.

Delivering significant ROI, FilmHub provides you with the most advanced management system at your fingertips for both you and your clients.

Any local authority, organisation or business who requires to manage multiple applications in any field - whether it be for filming & photography or specific location bookings - FilmHub provides the total solution.

Offering the fastest, most comprehensive and flexible system on the market, FilmHub enhances all aspects of your application management - for both your clients and your film officers. Welcome to the future of application software.


  • Enable receipt, review, processing and invoicing for every single job - in one, online working environment
  • Time saving, efficient and eliminate paperwork (reduce your carbon footprint)
  • Increase performance & revenue; decrease costs and officer processing time
  • Calendar view automatically generated for all applications - for selective viewing
  • Automatic report generation
  • Tailored licences and information documents
  • Synchronised Online payments for credit control
  • Advanced administration tools
  • Powerful collaboration tools
  • Provides a marketing platform for partners - promote, encourage and increase filming 

Applicant Benefits

  • Fast, easy editable applications
  • Real-time individual application status updates
  • Covers all requirements in one complete system - no other forms necessary
  • Multi-platform compatibility (Mobiles, tablets, PC's)
  • Secure online payment options
  • Application summaries
  • Personalised User Account
  • Dynamic Document management features
  • Show proof of Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

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