About Film Office

The Film Office are exclusively contracted to provide film & location management services for local authorities, registered social landlords, property developers and private location owners.

Scope: We are contracted to manage the film services for

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

London Borough of Newham

London Borough of Enfield

London Borough of Waltham Forest

London Borough of Merton

We are a one-stop-shop managing all film and photography enquiries, encompassing the services of multiple council departments to enable film liaison and management for our client boroughs. We also manage and arrange a variety of other activities at our many private locations.

With over 24 years experience, we have built an extremely well respected reputation for enabling all types of enquiry from the big to the small. In that time we have forged trustworthy relationships and successfully grown all of our clients film, photography, event and PR branded activity meaning we now manage approximately 2,000 productions each and every year.

We do not however limit ourselves solely to film and photography enquiries: in addition to our film liaison and management services we are relied upon to deliver spaces for:

  • Production Offices
  • Prop Storage
  • Set Building
  • Rehearsal Space
  • Unit Basing

While being experts in enabling:

  • Meanwhile Site Management
  • Benefits to Community Groups and Occupiers
  • Private Events
  • Corporate Socials
  • PR Brand Activations
  • Experiential Events
  • Promotional & Retail Marketing

We are at the forefront of our industry and always involved with the major productions filming in the capital. We operate to the highest standards and our track record of successfully delivering the highest quality of service to all our clients is second to none. We aim to promote all our spaces as desirable and feasible locations whilst generating income for the benefit of boroughs and property owners.

Service and Support:

We deal with everyone from the biggest feature films and TV dramas through to youth and educational filmmakers delivering the same commitment to service provision, location sourcing and advice regardless of the client involved. We establish best practice and competitive policy for the benefit of the industry and to ensure our boroughs and properties are respected.

We provide all production needs including:

  • Professional film liaison & management services
  • Permissions to film / photograph
  • Locations for film, photography & events
  • Film & photography production services
  • Scouting services
  • Parking requirements
  • Unit bases
  • Road closures / traffic management
  • Liaison with local residents and businesses
  • Hoarding, Scaffolding, and Crane licences

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To support our work we have independently developed our market leading software tool, FilmHub. Administration, online billing, information distribution and annual reporting are four of the cornerstones behind our online platform enabling us to manage your property to the highest standards both of day-to-day information management as well as quarterly and annual reporting for the work we have historically completed.


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Our company affiliate membership to The Production Guild - the UK's premier film and TV industry membership organisation for professionals working across production - aligns with our requirement and encouragement of professionalism in UK production practices.

Our client's interests are at the forefront of everything we do at all times.

We look forward to working with you soon.


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